About Us

Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry is an: “ON-FIRE, LOVING, EVANGELISTIC, EXCITING, DYNAMIC, EFFECTIVE AND FUN MINISTRY” with members all over the United States and overseas. Our members rumble around the world on their motorcycles proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord ! We have literally thousands of on-fire, sold-out disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ who will share Jesus with “anyone” that God opens the doors for us to do so.


Colorado BFC

Colorado Bikers for Christ is a ministry wherein members use their motorcycles as a means to bring the love of Jesus Chris

t to the lost, the last, and the least of society. We ride to events and participate in activities that give us an opportunity to reach out to bikers, prostitutes, the homeless, people in jail and prison, the unloved and the unlovable, the bruised, abused and the forgotten to tell them that Jesus loves them right where they are, that he has a plan for their lives, and wants them to be part of his family.

jesus the outlaw


Jesus Would Have Been A Biker!

Jesus was a non-conformist, a counter-culture extremist, and a lot like you and me. The church thought he was weird, and his family thought he might be crazy. His friends were few. He hung out with people no one else wanted – the poor and the homeless, prostitutes and thieves, the last and the least of society. He was persecuted by hypocrites, and the government was out to get him. One of his closest friends betrayed him, and when he was arrested on false charges, his other friends deserted him.  His best friend even denied knowing him just to save his own skin. In the end, he let himself be executed for our sins, but not before he prayed for his enemies.  If Jesus was in the flesh on earth today, he would be next to you on his motorcycle telling you that he loves you…enough to die for you.